15 Tempting Truffles: Delicious Truffle Recipes for Everyone

15 Tempting Truffles: Delicious Truffle Recipes for Everyone
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Now that Christmas is over, this is the time to sit back and enjoy some quality time with the kids or your significant other before the end of the year. With many of us on vacation, it is the perfect time to make some delicious treats to spoil yourself before you have to go back to work. Since I have been in a major chocolate mood, I have been looking at some delicious truffle recipes to bring to some of the New Year's parties I will be attending this year. Knowing that many of you love a good chocolate recipe as much as me, I thought I would share with you 15 of the best truffle recipes I have found online!





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32 Responses to 15 Tempting Truffles: Delicious Truffle Recipes for Everyone

  1. lola says:

    thanks for all the options! super original

    i am a chocolate freak! i am saving this post, and the first one i will try are the apple sauce truffles!

  2. I love truffles! These look fabulous.

  3. Kelsey S says:

    Holy Crap, I love Truffles although too many Truffles are not good to my body! I pinned this page, thanks.

  4. Jackie Smith says:

    These look delicious.  I love trying new recipes.  These will be great for the holidays.

  5. Yum yum! I'm off to pin these. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Susan Broughton says:

    Wow!  look at all that candy!  I don't know which one to try first.  I love truffles and so does my daughter I will have to make some for her.

  7. kimberly bhatti says:

    ooh those look so yummy! I want to try the pumpkin pie truffles oh they look delish!

  8. lisa says:

    This got pinned for later. I love truffles! Thanks!

  9. Ghassan Alsaleh says:

    It is awesome and yammy

  10. krystel says:

    yum never had truffles before

  11. Ashwini says:

    The Breaking Bad ones. Those are gonne be a hit, what with the Breaking Bad fandom everywhere!!

  12. Mary Cabral says:

    I love trying new recipes.  These truffle recipes will be great to use with my Velata fondue!  Yum.  I can't wait to try some :)

  13. Mary Fagans says:

    Trufflles are my favorite candy!! Thanks so much for all these recipes! I might try one or two :-)

  14. Hannah says:

    These truffles look delectable! Time to up my baking game!

  15. Colleen Hickey says:

    I wonder if there is anyhealthy truffles.

  16. Christina Strapp says:

    These look so good. I have never made truffles before. I may have to give them a try.

  17. Aya Zbedah says:

    I will have to try this soon!

  18. raquel perez says:

    the pumpkin pie truffles look yummy!!! 

  19. sania wasif says:

    really tempting <3

  20. Stephen says:

    I'd love to know how to make Truffles. They are so fancy.

  21. Sky Sparkle says:

    These look sooo delicious!! I really want to try making these truffles.

  22. Christina Franks says:

    Eeeeek! I love all your great truffle ideas! They all sound so delicious, how on earth am I gonna pick which one to start making?

  23. Jan Hall says:

    Thank you for doing all the research to find these recipes. I love truffles.  It is fun to try new recipes.

  24. ale ol says:

    I am going to try to pIN this to my board, I love truffles, & to HS e such a complete booklet is amazing!! Thank you so very much!! Dh always forgets that I love truffles, not other choc candies!@

  25. Chelsea Spurgeon says:

    These sound amazing! I will definitely be giving some of them a try. We don't have an actual meal at Christmas-we do a bunch of finger food and sweets, and my grandma and I make a lot of it. These could be added to the list!

  26. Danette DW says:

    Wow these look yummy! Wish I had the recipes when I was making all my treats for the holidays.

  27. Donna Quarles says:

    I can’t wait to try some of these

  28. I tried a couple of these recipes and had bad luck on them getting firm.I think its the climate here.I have the same trouble with fudge.

  29. Kristy Edwards says:

    Thank you for posting this I am going to have to try it my family loves Truffles. We tried the oero and peanut butter ones but want something different this time. Thanks again have to try my family makes these together so cant wait.

  30. candy montoya says:


  31. lisa says:

    There is something about truffles, I can't describe it. I absolutely love them!

  32. Slightly late, but thank you :3
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