Christmas Cards Made Easy with the LEGO Minifigure Family

Christmas Cards Made Easy with the LEGO Minifigure Family
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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LEGO. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's that time of year again – the time when we sit down and start addressing Christmas cards. While you can get fun, personalized cards, it is a bit pricy for some families. Instead of going with some boring cards from a big box retailer, why not have fun and make something unique with the kids, likeChristmas cards using the LEGO Minifigure Family!

Come on, who doesn't love LEGOs? I mean, I'm an adult and still love when I get an opportunity to play with these very neat toys. When I found out about this neat program where you could send fun Christmas cards via email, I knew I had to try it! To build your own LEGO Minifigure family, the first thing you need to do is go to There, you will see a cute gingerbread man who you click on to get started. Once you are there, just click on get started and you are ready to make an adorable Christmas card with your own LEGO family!

First off, let me tell you, this process is really cute and customizable. I can easily see children having fun sitting down with mom and dad to make these adorable cards. You can have up to 13 family members in the picture, including pets. For my card, I chose my husband, my dog, my cat, and myself. For humans, you can choose skin color, hair and hats, shirts, and clothes, allowing you to make your own unique LEGO Minifigure Family. The only area which isn't very customizable is the pet section, which you get 3 colors and one breed to choose from when it comes to both cats and dogs. From there, you can choose from various LEGO scenes, ranging from beach scenes to classic family rooms built from LEGOs. Once you have chosen a scene, you can send your card out by email, download it, share through a link, or share on your favorite social media network.

Overall, I thought the experience was easy, fun, and great for children of all ages. If you haven't sent our your Christmas cards yet or are looking for a cute way to make grandma or grandpa smile, make sure to send a cute card using the LEGO Minifigure Family!

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5 Responses to Christmas Cards Made Easy with the LEGO Minifigure Family

  1. ~Angie~ says:

    This is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dana Nation says:

    So cute! I'll have to make one and show m y 6 year old son. He's just getting into Legos

  3. Clara says:

    My son is 14 and still LOVES to build with Legos. He has epilepsy so Legos give him something to focus on. 

  4. sara says:

    wow this is really cute, thanks for telling us

  5. melissa aberl says:

    This is so cute! we love legos ♥♥

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