180PRO Length Revival Hair Care Set Giveaway

Posted on Sep 22 2017 - 10:03pm by Susan Bewley

Looking for awesome hair products? Enter to win a 180PRO Length Revival Hair Care Set here!

available at SallyBeauty.com and hosted by Mom Does Reviews

About 180PRO Length Revival:

Groundbreaking technology radically repairs while gently cleansing long or hard-to-grow hair to fortify every inch for length with 3X the strength*. Targets hair’s worst breaking points and actually improves hair’s condition. When used with the Miracle Repair Damage Eliminator leave-in treatment, reinforcing proteins and conditioning agents are drawn to damaged areas like a magnet, making hair even stronger. *When using Length Revival Shampoo, Conditioner & Combing Cream, against combing breakage on damaged hair vs. a non-conditioning shampoo.

  • Breakthrough anti-breakage formula with Pro-Peptide and Length Lock Complex fortify strands from root to tip to help protect against breakage for longer, stronger, nourished hair.
  • Fortify every inch of length for 3x more strength
  • Repair up to 2 years of hair abuse
  • Color-safe

Be sure to read Pam’s review on Mom Does Reviews HERE.


TWO lucky readers will win the 180PRO Length Revival Hair Care Set.

The giveaway is open to US only, 18+

The giveaway ends 10/3 at 1159p est

Be sure to come back daily for more chances to win.

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  1. Sharon Rooney September 23, 2017 at 7:08 am -

    I have fine, colored, on the short side hair.

  2. Rust September 23, 2017 at 7:56 am -

    Shoulder length hair that is fine and thin. These products sound like they would be beneficial to my type of hair.

  3. connie danielson September 23, 2017 at 10:02 am -

    I have very short hair. thanks for the chance to win

  4. Marsha C September 23, 2017 at 10:03 am -

    I have long fine hair. Dry, too. It needs help!

  5. Sue V September 23, 2017 at 10:21 am -

    I have fairly short, naturally wavy hair

  6. Angel Heaps September 23, 2017 at 10:25 am -

    its semi long fizzy and wavy

  7. Robin Creager September 23, 2017 at 10:59 am -

    I have shoulder length curly medium course hair that has been colored to cover greys. Also VERY frizzy!

  8. Michelle S September 23, 2017 at 11:26 am -

    I have medium length hair, naturally curly, and very fine.

  9. tina m September 23, 2017 at 12:17 pm -

    I have long (split ends) hair

  10. gloria patterson September 23, 2017 at 12:48 pm -

    after cutting 8 inches because of dry damaged hair I am left with shoulder length

  11. An September 23, 2017 at 1:31 pm -

    I have thin hair and would like more.

  12. Crystal Rogers Walker September 23, 2017 at 1:43 pm -

    My hair is shoulder length but I am Post Menapausal and my hair seems to be crazy, I need something to get my hair lovely again

  13. Darlene Owen September 23, 2017 at 3:27 pm -

    I have long hair.

  14. Vicki Wurgler September 23, 2017 at 4:27 pm -

    my hair is dry , frizzy and a medium lengh

  15. Darcy Koch September 23, 2017 at 4:31 pm -

    My hair is short currently. I just had it cut and she cut off more than I actually wanted.

  16. Jeanne R. Melanson September 23, 2017 at 5:02 pm -

    I have long wavy hair, down past my waist. It’s probably considered normal. It’s quite fine though, not thick.

  17. heather kaufman September 23, 2017 at 5:17 pm -

    I have long and dry hair.

  18. lisa September 23, 2017 at 6:00 pm -

    My hair is sort of long with a natural wave. The ends tend to be dry. I also have alopeca arete (sp?)

  19. joanne major September 23, 2017 at 6:59 pm -

    I have dry brittle shoulder length hair

  20. elizabeth miller September 23, 2017 at 7:24 pm -

    My daughter and I both have long hair. Mine is long and curly. My daughters is long and straight.

  21. Kayla Norris September 23, 2017 at 7:43 pm -

    This would be great! Growing my hair out for fall and would be nice o keep it looking healthy the whole time.

  22. Sue E September 23, 2017 at 9:31 pm -

    I have shoulder length color treated hair that has gotten thinner as I have reached senior citizen status.

  23. Wendy Forbes September 23, 2017 at 10:46 pm -

    I have long hair.

  24. Jen R September 23, 2017 at 11:55 pm -

    I have super short hair after shaving it all off when the texture after chemo bothered me. I regret that decision but am living with it! I would love something that helped me grow it out faster and healthier.

  25. Wanda Banks September 24, 2017 at 6:56 am -

    I have frizzy long wavy hair.

  26. Cindy Merrill September 24, 2017 at 3:00 pm -

    My hair is turning gray, have long, thick hair.

  27. Cynthia Gaarder September 24, 2017 at 9:08 pm -

    Long curly dry hair

  28. Jay Jackson September 25, 2017 at 6:56 am -

    My wife has long thin wavy hair.

  29. Jessica Gipson September 29, 2017 at 12:22 pm -

    I have medium length hair that stays dry.

  30. DeAnna Keller September 30, 2017 at 5:53 pm -

    Shoulder length hair that is fine and thin. These products sound like a God send to my hair!

  31. sarah s September 30, 2017 at 10:28 pm -

    I have fine, thin medium length hair.

  32. Melina Ramirez October 1, 2017 at 2:29 pm -

    I have long hair that is medium thick and is dry.

  33. Jill Rivera October 1, 2017 at 2:30 pm -

    I have long colored hair, which sometimes is fizzy.

  34. darby October 3, 2017 at 9:12 am -

    Long dry hair