$50 VISA Gift Card & Bruce’s Big Move Giveaway

Posted on Oct 10 2017 - 8:01pm by Susan Bewley

Powered by Mom’s $50 Visa Gift Card and Bruce’s Big Move Book, Tote Bag, and Stickers Giveaway

Open to US Only – Ends 10/22

Love cute kids books? Enter to win a $50 VISA Gift Card & Bruce's Big Move prize pack here!
In Bruce’s Big Move, Bruce was still dealing with mice, mice everywhere! A once clean home of ONE bear has turned into a messy house with Bruce, five geese, and an infestation of mice! Bruce is tired of all the noise and mess. He realizes the mice are not leaving, so he packed up his “family” (himself and the geese), and went looking for a new house. Finally, he finds the “perfect house”. The perfect house is perfect for HIM but the geese miss the mice. The mice had become family!
Bruce's Big Move
When the moving truck arrives, Bruce is surprised to see that the pesty mice arrived with the moving truck. Everything goes back to the way it was before their move. Nothing had gone as Bruce had planned but he realized at the end that this was just his new normal.
Big Move
Bruce’s Big Move is a great way to spark a conversation with your children about accepting the circumstances around them and making sacrifices for those they love.
One lucky person will receive a $50 Visa Gift Card, A copy of the book, Bruce’s Big Move, a Branded Tote, and stickers.
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  1. Elena October 10, 2017 at 9:00 pm -

    I would spend it on Christmas gifts

  2. Kristen October 11, 2017 at 2:16 am -

    I’d spend it on some new clothes.

  3. Nancy October 11, 2017 at 7:53 am -

    If I won, I’d get items the baby needs.

  4. Jackie October 11, 2017 at 7:57 am -

    I would spend the $50 on Christmas gifts for my family.
    Thank you!

  5. Julie Lundstrom October 11, 2017 at 7:58 am -

    I would use this gift card to do some holiday shopping.

  6. Wendi October 11, 2017 at 8:01 am -

    i would save it for Christmas I want a Nintendo switch for my son

  7. Cathy Philipps October 11, 2017 at 8:08 am -

    I would use it towards Christmas gifts

  8. Gina M October 11, 2017 at 8:32 am -

    I would spend it on household items, or clothing for my growing boy. I look forward to reading this book with my son.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  9. tina m October 11, 2017 at 8:40 am -

    I will put it towards Christmas presents for my kids

  10. Karen Giasson October 11, 2017 at 8:46 am -

    I would use it to pay bills. A little extra money never hurts.

  11. Stephanie Phelps October 11, 2017 at 8:58 am -

    I would spend this $50 on my granddaughter!

  12. Sarah Hayes October 11, 2017 at 8:58 am -

    Id use it to buy groceries

  13. Debbie Welchert October 11, 2017 at 9:40 am -

    I would buy some groceries.

  14. Kim Henrichs October 11, 2017 at 9:47 am -

    Tickets to Alamo Drafthouse

  15. Darlene Owen October 11, 2017 at 9:57 am -

    I would buy my granddaughter a birthday present.

  16. Maureen October 11, 2017 at 10:02 am -

    I would put this toward the purchase of a pair of compression stockings.

  17. Dana Rodriguez October 11, 2017 at 10:29 am -

    I think I would use it for holiday gifts.

  18. Jennifer Odom October 11, 2017 at 10:37 am -

    We would buy more books!

  19. Tamala October 11, 2017 at 10:43 am -

    Cruise needs!

  20. Michelle S October 11, 2017 at 11:29 am -

    I would save it for Black Friday shopping.

  21. Jo-Ann Brightman October 11, 2017 at 11:42 am -

    I would use this to pay for Xmas gifts.

  22. Rita Leonard October 11, 2017 at 12:23 pm -

    I would use it towards christmas presents

  23. Amy Tong October 11, 2017 at 1:19 pm -

    I would use the $50 to get more books for my kiddos. They love readings. thanks for the giveaway.

  24. Dawn Monroe October 11, 2017 at 2:17 pm -

    I would spend it on Halloween outfits or Christmas presents for my grandkids. I cant wait to start shopping for the holidays.

  25. Lisa F. October 11, 2017 at 2:29 pm -

    I would use it on groceries. Thanks!

  26. Amanda Roach October 11, 2017 at 3:02 pm -

    probably christmas gifts for my girls.

  27. Angelica Dimeo October 11, 2017 at 3:07 pm -

    I would buy Christmas gifts

  28. Natalie October 11, 2017 at 5:08 pm -

    I would use the VISA gift card to buy a new hair dryer.

  29. Shannon Mitchell October 11, 2017 at 6:31 pm -

    I would buy shoes or put it towards Christmas gifts.

  30. Jen R October 11, 2017 at 6:58 pm -

    I would spend the $50 on Christmas gifts. I always need more funds this time of year.

  31. Lisa Ehrman October 11, 2017 at 7:22 pm -

    I would use it for my husband’s birthday.

  32. chrissy c October 11, 2017 at 8:34 pm -

    I would use this for Christmas presents.

  33. Steve Weber October 11, 2017 at 8:49 pm -

    If I won it would go towards gas or groceries.

  34. Will G October 11, 2017 at 9:14 pm -

    I would use it to buy gifts.

  35. Terry October 11, 2017 at 9:30 pm -

    I would give the visa gift card to my granddaughter for Christmas to buy books.

  36. Tara O. October 12, 2017 at 12:44 am -

    I’d buy my daughter and I each a couple of new books!

  37. Katie Bellamy October 12, 2017 at 12:28 pm -

    I would use the gift card for Christmas presents!

  38. Erin M October 12, 2017 at 1:58 pm -

    I would use this for Christmas shopping.

  39. Cindy Merrill October 12, 2017 at 4:39 pm -

    I would use it to buy cat food for my elderly cats.

  40. Rachel October 12, 2017 at 5:07 pm -

    I would spend my gift card on a winter coat.

  41. Alice Benter October 13, 2017 at 4:52 pm -

    I would buy Christmas presents. Thank you for a chance to win.

  42. Holly Thomas October 14, 2017 at 6:15 am -

    I would spend it on car repairs.

  43. Jana Leah October 14, 2017 at 5:55 pm -

    I would use the visa gc for food shopping.

  44. Stephanie October 14, 2017 at 9:50 pm -

    I would put it towards Christmas shopping to buy gifts for my loved ones.

  45. Krsitine Paul October 15, 2017 at 9:23 am -

    My niece is turning 1 at the end of November I would love to spoil her for her first birthday!

  46. aaron reck October 15, 2017 at 6:12 pm -

    See a movie around thanksgiving with the family. Thanks so much. There is a lot of us.

  47. Eric V. October 16, 2017 at 4:23 pm -

    I would spend my gift card on a Christmas present for my 4 year old daughter!!

  48. Susan Smith October 16, 2017 at 10:09 pm -

    I would buy a new pair of boots.

  49. Mary Rutter October 17, 2017 at 6:35 pm -

    I would use this for groceries

  50. Ken C October 18, 2017 at 9:28 am -

    Spend it on Christmas for my kids 🙂

  51. Laurie F October 18, 2017 at 9:55 pm -

    On my kids for Christmas

  52. Tara Liebing October 18, 2017 at 10:20 pm -

    I would spend the gift card on groceries.

  53. Caitlin October 22, 2017 at 10:56 am -

    I’d spend it on DVDs to get me through my illness.

  54. Mary Gardner October 22, 2017 at 1:55 pm -

    I would use the gift card to purchase stocking stuffers at Christmas.

  55. wen budro October 22, 2017 at 8:39 pm -

    I would spend the gift card for Christmas expenses.

  56. Wanda McHenry October 22, 2017 at 10:34 pm -

    I would spend it on carbon filters for my air purifier.

  57. cindy legg October 23, 2017 at 12:22 am -

    quilt batting i make lots of quilts that and something for my dogs got shitzus they need some new chew things

  58. Jerry Marquardt October 23, 2017 at 1:26 am -

    I am in great need of a nice new bicycle to get my nephew for his birthday. This would help out in a great holiday gift.