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Welcome to the Fulom Penertating Hydration Giveaway Event!

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Fulom was developed by Dr. John Doyle, an American veterinary nutritionist living and working in Australia, for his own sensitive and problematic skin. John found that the developing his own skin care products in his kitchen was the ideal solution to the frustrating task of finding products that worked. At the suggestion of a colleague, Dr. Norbert Chirase, John experimented with organic Fulvic Acid, a substance known since the 14th century in China to have unique healing properties. He found this to be so beneficial to his own skin that he began giving his creation out to family and friends around the world. Success stories and inquiries from around the world poured in, and the demand for a consistent supply gave rise to the idea behind making Fulom commercially available for those who have come to rely on it and for those who have yet to experience the Fulom difference.

Fulom is very proud to bring this fantastic product to the public. They have seen promising results in major skin conditions and in those with sensitive skin and are excited to see what the Fulom difference can make in people’s lives.

The physiology of aging skin

As our skin ages, it dramatically changes in structure and chemistry. As we age, blood circulation to our skin diminishes. As a result, there is a reduction in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to our skin cells. This adversely affects the rate of skin cell replacement, causing our skin to become thinner and less resilient. It also means that devitalized and dead cells collect on the skin’s surface, causing flaky, dull skin.

Low blood circulation also suppresses the synthesis of collagen and elastin deep down in the dermis. These tissue proteins are responsible for the elasticity and strength of the skin. Thus, aging skin begins to stretch and we develop wrinkles.

Free Radicals-our skin’s enemy!

Free radicals are destructive molecules roaming throughout our bodies, damaging healthy skin cells. A small number of free radical molecules are simply the result of normal cell metabolism. Our body is able to deal with these naturally, with the aid of a healthy lifestyle and a diet high in antioxidants. However, over farming and the use of nitrous fertilizers have diminished the nutritional value of much of our fruits and vegetables. Without this, we experience an increased load of free radicals which cause premature aging throughout our bodies.


Fulom helps restore the balance

Fulvic Acid is a naturally occurring plant-based substance which is a powerful, active free radical scavenger. It binds harmful free radicals existing in skin tissue and renders them harmless. Fulvic Acid is water-soluble and possesses unique physiological properties. It is able to diffuse into living cells, carrying nutrients with it. Fulom’s active ingredients can reach and penetrate into the skin cells which need them most!


Fulom Face and Body Cleanser rejuvenates the skin through a gentle cleansing process that hydrates and minimizes removal of skins natural oils. This is accomplished through use of mild soap agents, pH adjusted, humectants (maintains moisture) and organic fulvic acid. The simple light fragrance contained in the cleanser is refreshing and designed for the most sensitive skin.
Fulom Dry Skin Moisturizing Cream was developed to nurture dry skin and relieve itch through maximizing nutrient replacement as well as aid protecting exposed skin. A blend of ‘gentle skin’ ingredients and fulvic acid readily penetrates the skin without streaking or leaving an oily feeling. We have found that even the most difficult skin conditions benefit from the concentrated effect of Fulom’s Moisturizing Cream.

Fulom Hydrating Lotion is a light re-hydrating product for light to heavy regions of the skin. It is used for those with normal to sensitive skin on the face and body after bathing and at night to repair daily skin damage and to maintain optimal functioning of our body’s largest organ.

Fulom’s travel packs make great gifts and are offering a discount of up to 50% on large orders. A portion of the proceeds will go to support the National Psoriasis Foundation’s efforts to find a cure for this debilitating disease that affects millions.

Ready to try these amazing products and kick dry skin to the curve? Head over to the Fulom site and see the difference for yourself.

To find out more about the Fulom line of products you tweet to @fulomskin with any questions, Contact them on their page or head over to their Facebook and learn more about this innovative product!

One lucky winner will have the chance to try this fantastic product! One winner will get a set of Fulom Beauty products worth $81! So head below for your chance to win! This giveaway end on 11/13 at 11:59pm and is open to US only.

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