Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System Giveaway

Posted on Jan 6 2017 - 11:37pm by Susan Bewley

Need a new steamer? Enter to win a Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System here!

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Looking for an awesome steamer? If so, we think you will love this giveaway! 
Steam blast your floors without chemicals with the fabulous Shark® Genius™ Steam Pocket® Mop System! ($99 value)
Steam away all the grime and dirt on your floors without any chemicals with the powerful Shark® Genius™ Steam Pocket® Mop System. It’s an evolution in hard floor care, offering a flexible, tailored, all-in-one solution that delivers improved and easier cleaning than ever before. Cleaning with steam is quick, simple, and effective. With the Genius Steam Pocket® Mop System, Shark® lets you harness the power of steam to clean and sanitize* your sealed hard floors. No harsh chemicals, no residue.
Enter for your chance to win.

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46 Comments so far. Feel free to join this conversation.

  1. Melissa Grubb January 7, 2017 at 6:07 am -

    I currently use a Bissel steam mop that has definitely seen better days

  2. Samantha B. January 7, 2017 at 7:50 am -

    Right now, I only have a broom and my trusty old cotton mop to clean my floors with!

  3. Wanda Banks January 7, 2017 at 8:14 am -

    I use a rag to clean the floors.

  4. Susan Bilger January 7, 2017 at 8:36 am -

    Currently we use a stiffer mop to clean our floors.

  5. tina m January 7, 2017 at 8:55 am -

    I use mop and murphy oil

  6. Melissa Cushing January 7, 2017 at 9:26 am -

    Right now I mop my floors with a swiffer but this would be soooo much better! I would love to have one for sure… it looks awesome.

  7. monique s January 7, 2017 at 9:29 am -

    I would use a swiffer

  8. Tamala Ferguson January 7, 2017 at 9:51 am -

    Right now I use a refillable mop, I can’t even remember the brand. O’cedar maybe. I actually hate it.

  9. Kim Campbell January 7, 2017 at 10:31 am -

    We clean our floors now with a swiffer

  10. Angela Williams January 7, 2017 at 10:52 am -

    I use a regular mop and bucket currently.

  11. Kelly Kimmell January 7, 2017 at 10:55 am -

    I use the Libman Wonder Mop currently.

  12. Marilyn Nawara January 7, 2017 at 11:22 am -

    I use a bucket and rag and do it by hand. This steam mop would be much easier on my knees and back.

  13. Diane January 7, 2017 at 11:42 am -

    Still using old fashioned mop & bucket.

  14. Linda Manns Linneman January 7, 2017 at 2:03 pm -

    I have an old Shark steamer which really needs to be replaced. I love these. Thank you so much for sharing

  15. Jennifer January 7, 2017 at 2:31 pm -

    For the time being I am using an old string mop! Yucky!

  16. Michelle Castagne January 7, 2017 at 2:56 pm -

    I use O Cedar mop to clean floors.

  17. Kristy Hughes January 7, 2017 at 4:14 pm -

    One of those mops that you squirt out a fluid and has a reusable mop head.

  18. Crystal Warnick January 7, 2017 at 4:52 pm -

    Pinesol or bleach with water and a old style mop.

  19. Joyce McDaniel January 7, 2017 at 7:50 pm -

    I use dish detergent, water and rag to clean my floors. I could use this giveaway

  20. Debbie Lewis January 7, 2017 at 8:25 pm -

    I have all hardwood or vinyl floors and I use a mop

  21. chrissy c January 7, 2017 at 8:59 pm -

    We use a mop to clean our kitchen floors and a shopvac to clean the rest of our floors.

  22. Barbara January 7, 2017 at 9:16 pm -

    I just use a broom and regular mop now (and it’s not good….)

  23. Lorin January 7, 2017 at 11:05 pm -

    Using a swiffer mop. It’s ok.

  24. Cindy Harris January 8, 2017 at 12:06 am -

    Right now I use just a mop and bucket because my daughter took my steam mop! Lol

  25. Krystal Waters January 8, 2017 at 1:39 am -

    I use a swiffer mop 3-4 times a week.

  26. Sandra McFadden January 8, 2017 at 4:44 am -

    I either do them on my hands and knees with a rag or use an old sponge mop.

  27. Wendy M Price January 8, 2017 at 8:14 am -

    We use pinesol.

  28. denise low January 8, 2017 at 4:41 pm -

    I have on of the Mr Clean mops. Thank you for the entry.

  29. Edye January 8, 2017 at 7:18 pm -

    A broom and mop.

  30. Tammy Noakes January 8, 2017 at 9:41 pm -

    I have one of those mops you twist to wring out.

  31. Debbie Aromin January 8, 2017 at 9:59 pm -

    I usually use pinesol to mop my floors.. sometimes I use dawn and bleach

  32. Michelle Proper January 8, 2017 at 10:45 pm -

    Usually on my hands and knees 🙁

  33. Dawn Reid January 9, 2017 at 2:00 am -

    The old fashioned mop & bucket.

  34. Sandra A Beeman January 9, 2017 at 7:18 am -

    I use an old cloth mop. Not working out very well since I have a very old kitchen tile floor as well.

  35. Ashley Bass January 9, 2017 at 11:44 am -

    I have a shark vacuum that I go over all my floors with. I then use a rubbermaid swiffer like mop.

  36. amber January 9, 2017 at 8:21 pm -

    i use vacuum and swiffer

  37. Karen Giasson January 10, 2017 at 1:51 pm -

    I use pinesol and elbow grease. I can never seem to find an awesome mop that I want to continue using.

  38. Kayla Norris January 10, 2017 at 2:48 pm -

    Shark sonic duo

  39. Kathleen Walsh January 10, 2017 at 3:52 pm -

    I use a scrub brush and a bucket of water and get down on my hands and knees to clean my floors

  40. Michelle S January 12, 2017 at 9:53 am -

    We actually use a Shark but not this model.

  41. Carol Fuller January 13, 2017 at 12:03 pm -

    One my hands and knees

  42. Linda Walker January 13, 2017 at 7:33 pm -

    I sweep the floor then use a mop.

  43. Kimberly Benton January 14, 2017 at 9:25 pm -

    One of those mops with strips of cloth with a wringer

  44. Shannon Goldschmidt January 15, 2017 at 4:23 pm -

    I don’t currently clean my floors with anything because I just moved into my own place and I don’t have anything to clean my floors with yet.

  45. amber January 17, 2017 at 9:49 pm -

    a vacuum and swiffer

  46. Cassandra D. January 17, 2017 at 11:18 pm -

    I use a spin mop now.