Start the New Year Off Right Giveaway

Posted on Dec 30 2015 - 1:23pm by Susan Bewley

Start the New Year Off Right Giveaway

Looking for a cute planner of rthe new year? Enter to win a Start the New Year off Right with the Erin Condren LifePlanner™ here!

If you look all around the web recently, you’ll notice that one thing is being spoken about – how you can start the New Year off right!

From getting finances together and your home organized to meals prepped and taking your business to the next level, we are motivated and eager to do it all.

I’ve teamed up with Momma Lew and a group of bloggers to offer one lucky reader one of the most coveted planners on the market – an Erin Condren Life Planner.

What you will win:


Start the New Year off Right with the Erin Condren LifePlanner™. Your organizer is a a mixture of lined pages, designer blank pages, graph pages and motivational quotes to keep your positivity and productivity on the top of your game. Your book comes with a coupon code for a free cover so you can personalize your LifePlanner later!

To enter, follow the steps in the giveaway form below. This giveaway is open to US Residents, 18+, one entry per household. Giveaway ends on January 7 at 11:59p ET. Good luck!

Disclosure: This blog did not receive monetary compensation or product for this giveaway. Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest are in no way associated with this sweepstakes. Prize fulfillment will be handled by sponsor. Would you like to have your products featured in a giveaway event? Want to increase your social media exposure? Contact to see how I can help YOUR company today!


Susan Bewley is a professional writer who has been writing content online & in print format for over 10 years. As well, she is an alumni of the University of Louisville with a Masters Degree in Special Education. When not working as an online business consultant or ghost writing, she can be found writing on Budget Earth, on her own novel, or working with various entities in the pet industry.

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  1. Sara G December 30, 2015 at 1:56 pm -

    I try to put things away on a daily basis, and not leave them lying around the house.

  2. Maureen December 30, 2015 at 5:53 pm -

    I have a list by date on a sheet of paper in the kitchen that I see what I have to do for w week. I cross it off as I do each.

  3. Serena Powell December 30, 2015 at 5:54 pm -

    I make sure that everything has a spot and that when I’m not using it, that it goes back in that spot.

  4. Angie Agerter December 30, 2015 at 6:08 pm -

    For me it’s to set a schedule. You are nothing without it.

  5. Dawn Monzu December 30, 2015 at 10:47 pm -

    Oh boy…the only place that I am usually organized is at work! haha I guess I would say don’t procrastinate! If something is out of place, put it away NOW! Otherwise, it gets crazy…fast! God bless and Happy New Year everyone!

  6. Cynthia Hilliard December 31, 2015 at 7:10 am -

    Lists ! Thats my tip !

  7. Rebecca December 31, 2015 at 7:40 am -

    I have lupus with terrible brain fog.This would help me tremendously.

  8. Jen S. December 31, 2015 at 8:11 am -

    I’m always making lists and it feels so good to cross items off of it!

  9. Amanda Stovall December 31, 2015 at 8:19 am -

    I sure wish I had some tips but I’m struggling in this department & hopefully I win this awesome planned to help me!!! I’ve heard great things about them!!!

  10. sharon shafran December 31, 2015 at 9:05 am -

    try to keep buying stuff to clutter

  11. Rachel Travis December 31, 2015 at 9:19 am -

    I love to make lists so I can check things off as I get them done!

  12. Charlene S. December 31, 2015 at 10:17 am -

    I keep a box by my front door for items I no longer need. When the box gets full I take it to our local Goodwill.

  13. heather kaufman December 31, 2015 at 10:40 am -

    I write down everything, so I won’t forget it.

  14. Sue V December 31, 2015 at 10:48 am -

    making a list each morning and doing the most important one first

  15. Kelley December 31, 2015 at 11:12 am -

    Making lists keeps me productive!

  16. Kirstie Gibbons December 31, 2015 at 12:18 pm -

    I stay organized with lists. I write very detailed to-do lists, organized by room and broken down into smaller subsections.

  17. annette campbell December 31, 2015 at 1:39 pm -

    I’m not very organized. I let my granddaughter keep me organized.

  18. laura December 31, 2015 at 1:50 pm -

    I make lots of lists!

  19. Debbie Yoder December 31, 2015 at 1:52 pm -

    Make lists ,mark off as I finish the jobs, keep all my cleaning supplies together.

  20. Ann L December 31, 2015 at 3:03 pm -

    I make lists and group things.

  21. Lisa Williams December 31, 2015 at 3:20 pm -

    I write notes on paper by my desk about anything I want to remember,I write reminder notes on my dry/erase board on my refrigerator,and I keep a notebook in my living room,so I’m basically saying keep organized by writing thins down.

  22. Jim Weaver December 31, 2015 at 4:22 pm -

    I use a piling system not a filing system to stay organized!

  23. Kristyn December 31, 2015 at 7:37 pm -

    I def. have to have a schedule and follow it every day! I always write down everything to stay organized. I also have to make sure everything has a spot and that it goes back in that spot right away or else everything is a mess 😉

  24. Lauren H January 1, 2016 at 3:51 am -

    I use an calendar to stay organized.

  25. Tara L January 1, 2016 at 12:31 pm -

    I like to set weekly goals and make them realistic so I don’t give up easily. I like to set reminders on my outlook calendar so that I can keep track of my progress and so that I can’t use the excuse that I forgot.

  26. Tamara R. January 1, 2016 at 12:33 pm -

    I make a shopping list on my phone so I never forget it at home.

  27. MarciaF January 1, 2016 at 8:23 pm -

    Lists and hopefully I don’t lose the list~

  28. MaryAnne JK January 1, 2016 at 9:33 pm -

    HA! that’s why I’m entering, I need a planner 🙂

  29. amy pugmire January 1, 2016 at 10:38 pm -

    To stay on top of it and not get behind.

  30. Angela V January 1, 2016 at 10:52 pm -

    Lists!! Lists everywhere lol!

  31. molly January 1, 2016 at 11:09 pm -

    to stay organized I like to use the notepad on my cell phone. a planner though would really step it up a notch.

  32. Katy January 2, 2016 at 2:34 am -

    My tip is to enlist technology as your helper! Set alerts on your phone and sync your calendars, email, and address books. It saves time and headaches!

  33. polly January 2, 2016 at 8:03 am -

    I stay organized by making weekly lists

  34. Jea Smith January 2, 2016 at 8:45 am -

    Lists! Lists keep me on track!

  35. Jennifer D January 2, 2016 at 10:12 am -

    I write everything down on my calendar I have on the fidge

  36. Debbie Bray January 2, 2016 at 9:40 pm -

    I am a big list maker

  37. Meredith Miller January 2, 2016 at 10:45 pm -

    I use a small organizer to write anything in. I also try to reduce the number of extras I keep around — No stray scraps of paper or lost sticky notes on the computer. Info from cards either gets written in the book or I take a picture with my phone.

  38. Donna B January 3, 2016 at 8:24 pm -

    I have to write down everything or I will forget something.

  39. Cindi January 3, 2016 at 8:55 pm -

    I make lists of everything!

  40. Natalie F January 3, 2016 at 10:14 pm -

    I shouldn’t be giving tips…but I’ll read the others. I just try to keep a list of what needs to be accomplished and critical dates. But I really need to improve in this area.

  41. Cynthia R January 3, 2016 at 10:36 pm -

    I make lists and check off as I go. Nothing is too small to put on the list.

  42. Julie January 3, 2016 at 11:01 pm -

    I think it helps to break things down into manageable chunks.

  43. Stephanie January 4, 2016 at 12:19 am -

    Lists help so much!

  44. Rebecca B January 4, 2016 at 1:42 am -

    I make lots of list and set alarms well ahead of time.

  45. Robin Abrams January 4, 2016 at 7:17 am -

    I use list to keep organized

  46. Corina King January 4, 2016 at 12:53 pm -

    I NEED to start making lists. I go to the store and ALWAYS forget something everyone says its my pregnancy brain

  47. Hilary Mahoney January 4, 2016 at 8:23 pm -

    I make sure that my to-do list is always with me and also try to keep it updated on my phone as well.

  48. Laura Royal January 5, 2016 at 4:15 pm -

    I use a planner to stay organized and make daily to-do list for the family so we don’t forget anything.

  49. Elizabeth E January 5, 2016 at 5:48 pm -

    My tip is, get up, drink coffee, watch the sun rise and make a list of all the most important things to do. Then when the coffee kicks in, get started!

  50. Wendy January 5, 2016 at 7:45 pm -

    I am a list maker, even my lists have lists lol. Don’t procrastinate and I use my phone for appt. reminders and calendar to plan.

  51. katie h January 5, 2016 at 8:57 pm -

    Make lists! Write things down as you think of them or you will never remember them!

  52. Rachel Beltz January 7, 2016 at 11:52 pm -

    Make lists and stick to them! Also make your goals reasonable!