The Miracle of Clean Water

The Miracle of Clean Water
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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Pelican Water Systems. The opinions in this post, however, are honest and my own.

One of the hardest things for me when I started my weight loss journey was drinking water. For years, I wouldn’t drink water because it tasted absolutely terrible. This lead to me drinking lots of soda, unless I was in one of the few cities I thought had great tasting water. As I got older and tried differing filtering systems, I learned it wasn’t that I hated water – it was that I hated the taste of tap water. Once I did a bit of research, I was shocked at all the chemicals in tap water and how it isn’t as pure as we may think! Below, I have an infographic that I thought did a  fantastic job talking about tap water and what we can do to make it even cleaner for ourselves and our family.

The Miracle of Clean Water Infographic
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16 Responses to The Miracle of Clean Water

  1. Shannon says:

    I would love to have filtered water. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Peggy Humbracht says:

    We have well water and though we do not have chemicals in it as city water or treated water, we do have chemicals in it. It would be wonderful to have a system that could purify our water that makes it chemical and mineral free.

  3. Paula Ball says:

    My doctor has told me to not even drink my well water(I have an autoimmune disease). There is some type of amoeba that is in the water that has actually killed a couple of people in south Louisiana.

  4. Trish F says:

    After seeing this, it makes me happy that I don’t live in a big city, and I have my own well. Nothing is put in my water, it doesn’t come from a sewage treatment plant and there is no added chlorine or fluoride. I still use filtration though to help with the high sulfur, but I’m glad otherwise my water is clean.

  5. Brigid OHara Koshko says:

    WOW! I never realized what was in our water. We drink a lot of tap water and now I think I will be looking into purchasing a filter for not only my family but my critters too.

  6. gabriel says:

    This is the most important thing we must consider for a healthy life.

  7. alihaider says:

    It’s a very effective filter to get pure water.I’m very much interested to get one.

  8. lisa says:

    I drink water all day long. I can’t seem to get enough. I do filter the water before drinking.

  9. Terri S says:

    This is very informative. It’s a great chart. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Sharon Siqueiros says:

    Thanks for the info including the chart. We have a filter on our faucet in the kitchen and still buy water by the gallon (ohhh, the dreaded plastic!!which also screws up the water after a while)
    Thanks again

  11. jen says:

    It is unfortunate that, with all this modern technology, the water isn’t of better quality. Of course, I guess I should just be thankful that we don’t live in a third world country where no clean water is available at all.

  12. Rialle says:

    As much as possible, I try to stay away from drinking tap water. I mean I always order water whenever I go to restaurants, but I never drink them. Mostly because I don’t drink sodas and it’s the only water I would ever drink. But if I do drink the water they serve, I always have to ask for lemon.

  13. melisa says:

    Very informative. I am very picky about my water. I wonder how those unregulated chemicals get in water supplies? Thanks for sharing! I like your infographs!

  14. Miranda McCallsiter says:

    I drink mainly tap water. Tap water at dinner, restaurants, tap water when I’m on the road even. I’ve been wanting a filtration system because of the taste and I have had a Brita but wasn’t impressed. It just takes up so much room and it really slows the flow of the water. Now I have a better reason for a filtration system and a great reason for cooking with filtered water.

  15. Edna Williams says:

    I have well water and have never found a filtration system I really liked. This might be worth looking into. Thanks for sharing!

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