Make DIY Fun with the 5 Gallon Bucket Book

Posted on Nov 1 2015 - 8:15pm by Susan Bewley

Disclosure: I received this product for free to review. The opinions in my review are honest & my own.

Looking for some fun DIY projects? See what we think of the 5 Gallon Bucket Book here!

What do you do in your house with buckets? Every so often, we purchase something that comes in a bucket and more often than not, they are collecting dust in the garage. I can’t bring myself to just toss them but we can’t really figure out what to do with these buckets.  Even worse, I see people tossing them constantly, making me cringe since they could be a plant pot or just about anything. Unfortunately, I am not the most creative person in the world when it comes to DIY projects. Luckily, there are authors with people like me in mind. When I was asked to review the 5 Gallon Bucket Book, I couldn’t wait to take a look at this fun book!

5 Gallon Bucket Book: What is It?

Looking for the perfect gift for a DIYer in your life? If so, we think you will love the  5 Gallon Bucket Book. This book has over 60 DIY projects featuring your typical 5 gallon bucket. With step by step instructions, you can go through every step of re-engineering your typical bucket into items that you can use in your household, ranging from a small room air conditioner to a feeder for small animals. Once you have seen this book, you will never think of a typical bucket the same way again!

5 Gallon Bucket Book: Overall

Personally, I think this was an ingenious little book. As someone who likes to reuse things as much as possible, I loved many of the ideas in this book. Not only are these projects simple to do, but they walk you through the entire process, allowing you to turn a simple bucket into a bird feeder, toddler swing, pet feeder, or even a mailbox. If you love to do DIY projects, this is definitely the book for you since it teaches you to do just about anything you can imagine with a simple 5 gallon bucket. Based on our own experience, we are delighted to give the 5 Gallon Bucket Book an A rating.

5 Gallon Bucket Book: Where to Purchase

Want to purchase this book for yourself or someone in your family? You can buy 5 Gallon Bucket Book on for $14.33 in paperback or $13.61 for your Kindle.

DisclosureBudget Earth did not receive monetary compensation for this review, but did receive products for review purposes.  All opinions on this product are my own honest assessment, and may differ from our readers’ opinions. 

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  1. Jill H November 10, 2015 at 9:34 pm - Reply

    Those buckets come in handy for lots of things. I try to reuse most things like this, they cost money to buy in the hardware stores, so if you purchase product that comes in a bucket you definitely want to try and reuse.

  2. lisa November 11, 2015 at 11:46 am - Reply

    We often reuse containers that other products come in. I like to recycle whenever I can.

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