Make Walks Fun with Rad Dog Release & Run Retractable Leash

Posted on Aug 8 2016 - 9:13pm by Susan Bewley

Looking for an awesome leash for off leash training? See what we think of the Rad Dog Release & Run Retractable Leash here!

How many of you love going on adventures with your dog? In our household, we love going to visit the woods, state parks, and even sometimes have fun adventures in our own backyard with new toys. One of the biggest challenges to us, however, has been off leash training. While we have a very large yard and are in a very safe neighborhood, we are always nervous letting the girls run without a leash, especially since we are still saving to put a nice fence around our property. For this reason, we always keep a leash close by to get control of the girls in case something happens or they just decide they want to run and not listen (which sometimes happens with Alaskan malamutes). Recently, however, we found the perfect solution to make off leash training easier and safer for dogs and their owners – the Rad Dog Release & Run Retractable Leash. When we found out we were getting a complimentary collar for Ivi and Rylie to review, we couldn’t wait to go outdoors and play!

Rad Dog Release & Run Retractable Leash: What is It?

Looking for a way to make off leash training more fun and easier for dog owners? If so, we think you will love the Rad Dog Release & Run Retractable Leash. This innovative collar and leash combo is one of the most convenient, fun products for active pet parents. This leash is made from ultra strong Spectra (Kevlar) cord that retracts into the collar, allowing dogs to walk safely on a 3.5 foot leash or have fun off leash running or even swimming without their owner having to carry and manage a bulky leash. Currently, it is available in 3 colors and 4 sizes that fit nearly any dog. To learn more, make sure to watch the video below!

Rad Dog Release & Run Retractable Leash: Our Thoughts

I have to admit, this is one of the coolest products I have seen in a long time. As someone who is terrified to even consider off leash training without a leash close by, this seemed like an amazing product for my family. Prior to this, we usually kept a retractable leash in our hands, making playtime more difficult, or had an extendable leash locked to Ivi’s collar, which isn’t exactly comfortable for her. With this leash, we can bring her walking to the park or quickly have a leash available if she does get a bit wild off leash. Unlike many other leashes on the market, it is also very well made and able to withstand a breed meant for heavy pulling (believe me, we have broken leashes in the past with our malamutes). Honestly, I consider this product a must for dog owners who are on the go and love to give their dog freedom to run in safe environments. Based on our own experience, we are delighted to give the Rad Dog Release & Run Retractable Leash an A+ rating and highly recommend it to our readers.

Rad Dog Release & Run Retractable Leash: Where to Purchase?

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Rad Dog Release & Run Retractable Leash

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  1. Rosie August 10, 2016 at 1:29 pm - Reply

    What a great invention! I want to keep this in mind for sure, as I ‘m hoping to be able to have a dog when I move. Where I am now none are allowed.

  2. ellen beck August 14, 2016 at 8:58 pm - Reply

    I am kind of on the fence about this product. Perhaps in a dog park, or something contained if you are in town. I am not a huge fan of off leash though unless it is completely safe. The product looks fine, but I likely worry a bit much!

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