Making Leash Training Fun for Puppies & Dogs with the ThunderLeash

Posted on Jun 17 2015 - 3:46pm by Susan Bewley

Disclosure: Budget Earth received products for this review. All opinions, however, are honest and my own.

 Making Leash Training Fun for Puppies & Dogs with the ThunderLeash

Do you guys remember our ThunderLeash review back in May? As some of you know from that review and talking to me on social media, I am a HUGE fan of the ThunderLeash. Both the standard and retractable leash are perfect for controlling and teaching dogs not to pull, especially big dogs like our Reya. While it has worked perfect for Reya, we began to wonder if the standard, small ThunderLeash would be just as effective teaching a puppy how to walk on a leash and make it a less stressful experience for everyone involved.

Standard ThunderLeash: Does It Work for Puppies

So, how did Ivi respond to the ThunderLeash? From what we have seen, she absolutely loves it! The gentle ‘hugging’ pressure has taught her very quickly that she shouldn’t pull and that the leash isn’t something bad trying to hurt her. As a matter of fact, the tail start wagging at high speeds when she sees us pick up her ThunderLeash. Now, all we have to do is pick up both ThunderLeashes and we have two very excited dogs who are happy for “walkies.” To date, this is the best no pull and leash training system I have found for dogs and highly recommend to anyone who is trying to leash train a puppy. Who knew that training a dog to walk on a leash could be so easy and adorable? Based on our own experience, I am delighted to give the standard ThunderLeash an A+ rating when it comes to leash training a puppy safetly and without stress!

Thunder leash puppy

Standard ThunderLeash: How to Put it On

One of the big questions I have been asked, especially through social media, is how to put on the ThunderLeash? Some people have had issues putting it on their dog, or others reading reviews that intimidated them at putting on this leash. Contrary to what some people have stated, putting the ThunderLeash on is fairly easy – using both the old and new latch style. Below, is a video featuring putting on both style of the ThunderLeash, featuring both Ivi and Reya.

Standard ThunderLeash: Where to Purchase

Want to purchase the ThunderLeash for your own dog? You can buy the standard ThunderLeash (featured in this article) in two sizes – small (12 – 25 lb)  and large (25+ lb) for $29.95 on their official website.  With how much we love this leash, we are certain you will love it just as much as us for puppies or full grown dogs!

After three days on the ThunderLeash, Ivi doesn't pull using the leash as a traditional leash or as a no pull leash!

After three days on the ThunderLeash, Ivi doesn’t pull using the leash as a traditional leash or as a no pull leash!

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DisclosureBudget Earth did not receive monetary compensation for this review, but did receive products for review purpose.  All opinions on this product are my own honest assessment, and may differ from our readers’ opinions. 

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  1. Richard Hicks June 17, 2015 at 3:53 pm - Reply

    I will have to tell my brother about this leash. They just got a new puppy

  2. Laurie Emerson June 17, 2015 at 9:40 pm - Reply

    I really appreciate these tips. We are training a new puppy who runs for the bedroom every time we take out the leash. It makes me feel so guilty as I just adore him.

  3. Michele Ash June 17, 2015 at 10:34 pm - Reply

    Thanks so much for the Wonderful Review on Making Leash Training Fun for Puppies & Dogs with the ThunderLeash! WOW! This leash is really terrific! I love that it can help train a fully grown dog as well! I love how easy it was to train Ivi on the leash! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful review, the pictures, and your personal and professional opinions on Making Leash Training Fun for Puppies & Dogs with the ThunderLeash with all of us! I truly do appreciate it!!!!! Thanks again!! Michele 🙂

  4. Jade June 19, 2015 at 3:49 am - Reply

    I absolutely love spending time with my dog training her, we both have fun and I can see she’s enjoying the challenge. This leash looks great I’d like to try it!

  5. Sally June 19, 2015 at 8:07 am - Reply

    You have the cutest babies!! This is awesome I love the Thundershirts and I will definitely need to get one of these too! I’m glad to know it works so well and doesn’t hurt your baby!!

  6. Debbie Welchert June 19, 2015 at 9:59 am - Reply

    Thanks for the great tips on how to use the ThunderLeash. This is the first time I have heard of these and they sound and look great.

  7. Linda Manns Linneman June 21, 2015 at 6:13 pm - Reply

    This sounds so nice. I will have to have my son check this out for his new puppy. Thank you so much for sharing

  8. Kimberly Flickinger September 25, 2016 at 8:37 pm - Reply

    Thank you for these tips, will definitely come in handy as we are back to training days with our newest puppy, Shadow.

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