Seventh Generation Trash Bags

Posted on Jun 16 2012 - 12:01am by Susan Bewley

A few months ago, I was determined to try seeing if I could find natural trash bags. I normally just buy Glad Drawstring Trash Bags out of habit, but with us nearly running out, I thought this would be a good time to experiment with natural trash bags. Since I hadn’t heard of many brands, I brought my search online and started looking to see which natural trash bags were sold on  Having not heard most of the brands, I decided to experiment wtih one brand I knew, leading to a purchase of Seventh Generation Trash Bags.

Seventh Generation Trash Bags

One of the things that attracted to me to the Seventh Generation trash bags was the fact that they were made from recycled plastic.  While it was only 55% recycled plastic and 16% post consumer recycled plastic, I thought it would be much better than what I was currently using.  Having no expectations beyond what trash bags should normally do, I wasn’t too surprised when I found that they looked like old fashion trash bags with little twist ties. Personally, I never use the little ties since I feel they are a waste of metal.  I was always taught to tie my trash bags with the bag itself to save from using unnecessary resources, saving these little ties to be reused later on other reusable bags. It actually surprised me to see these ties, since many brands are moving to having ties built in, or changing the shape of the bag to tie easily on its own.  In my opinion, if this was the only negative with these bags, it could be dealt with.

Seventh Generation Trash Bags: Effectiveness

When I first took the trash bag out of the box, I should have taken that as a warning.  Unlike other trash bags I had purchased, I could see the color of my hand through the bag, showing this was thin plastic – okay, very thin plastic. It wasn’t until we started using these natural trash bags, however, that I began to very quickly regret buying these bags.  With only two of us, we don’t produce that much trash, and most of our trash comes from food waste.  When the bag was only a quarter of the way filled, I noticed that we were getting an odd smell from the trash can – the trash bag had split.  I just assumed this was coincidence and double bagged the first bag, hoping this would fix the issue.  By the time the bag had to be changed, it had to be TRIPLE bagged, and was nearly impossible to tie.

Now, being someone who believes that flukes happen, I decided to keep using these bags.  Every single bag I used split once it was a quarter to half full, meaning it couldn’t hold much of any weight.  Rather than having one to two very full bags of trash, I had ten little bags that were half full.  Even worse, I tried using the ties just to test them, and they were too small to even go around the closed bag. To say that these bags have been an exercise in frustration would be an understatement.

Seventh Generation Trash Bags: Smell

Alright, normally I wouldn’t care too much about the smell of a trash bag.  Scented trash bags, in my opinion, are a waste of money.  The only place scented trash bags have some place is in the bathroom, and usually, these bags are going to be the bathroom for a bit of time.  For kitchen and general trash, however, I just expect these trash bags to neutralize smell or keep it trapped – that’s it! Even the most basic of trash bags can usually do this.  These Seventh generation natural trash bags, however, seemed incapable of doing this as well.  All of our trash didn’t smell, but our kitchen had this odd smell that turned my stomach. To say the least, these bags didn’t last long in the kitchen.

Seventh Generation Trash Bags: Price

Personally, I thought these natural trash bags were a bit on the pricey side, but I may not be a good judge on price since I usually buy my trash bags at a wholesaler or  My box of 30 bags cost $5.89, and this was from the local natural grocery store.  Currently on, this same box is going for $4.99.

Seventh Generation Trash Bags: Overall

When I purchased these natural trash bags, I was determined to like them. I wanted to like a bag that was made from recycled plastic and I thought would overall be better for the environment.  Yet, no matter how much I wanted to like these bags, they are garbage – no pun intended.  I give these trash bags an F rating since I could really couldn’t not find any redeeming quality about these bags, other than the fact that they were made from recycled plastic.  While these bags may keep from using some fresh oil, I don’t believe in double or triple bagging all of my garbage.  Now, I am stuck with half a box of Seventh Generation garbage bags that I have no clue what to do with since I can’t use them outside due to their flimsiness, and I don’t trust them for anything in the house that might have an odor. The only use I have found for them is for protecting furniture during painting. I’m still on the lookout for natural trash bags, but until I can find something else, I will stick with my trusty Glad Drawstring Trash Bags


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  1. Sue Invegas September 28, 2012 at 10:29 am - Reply

    Sounds like they are good to check out. I don't think they are too expensive. Thanks for posting

  2. Patty A October 9, 2012 at 1:31 am - Reply

    Thanks for all the information. These bags sound like a waste of money.

  3. Jayne Townsley December 12, 2013 at 12:02 pm - Reply

    I ended up over here from that thread and I will say I wholeheartedly agree with you. Unless they've changed their forumula, these are horrible.

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