Why am I TRYing to Lose Weight? #CoreUndiet

Posted on Jan 8 2015 - 11:47pm by Susan Bewley

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When I was teaching, one of the things were taught was to make our students question. A good student questions the world, and wants to know for themselves the answer to the question without simply being told. This was actually a life lesson I took away from teaching. I strive to know the answer to things around me, especially when it comes to how people work. Unfortunately, it’s a bit hard when I sometimes I have to ask questions about myself and my own behavior. While it can be hard, answering these questions usually lead to long term changes for me that usually ends being better for me.

This year, I had to ask myself a hard questions, “Why am I TRYING to lose weight?” I mean, this seems like a duh questions. I want to do it to fit in cute clothes and feel confident about myself. I mean, I have a large list of reasons why I want to do it, I have for years. The question is, WHY do I keep TRYING and failing. Its kinda like having a car, sitting in the driveway, that is out of gas. It doesn’t run, but I keep going out over and over, expecting it to run. Obviously it magically has gas again, right?

This analogy can be applied to weight loss too. I have kept trying the same methods over and over, and nothing is happening. I have to be insane, right? As my husband and I joke, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  All joking aside, if I keep going down this path, I obviously must be insane and nothing is going to happen until I get out of this cycle. I have TRIED many diets and end up with the same things happening – weight loss, happiness, frustration, and then..you guessed it…weight gain!

Hearing how people I know lost so much weight on these programs made me start feeling like a failure. To my mind, obviously it is my fault it failed, so therefore, it’s impossible for me to lose weight. I deserve to be in the situation I’m in because I don’t have the willpower (if my husband is reading this, he is likely wanting to throw something. He has heard that sooo many times over the years).

I thought about it, and I finally came to one conclusion. These programs don’t work for me. I’m tired of jumping programs and hoping they work for me. And if I’m discouraged, so are so many other people. Looking at my friends list on Facebook, I know I am not the only person trying to lose weight, and many of them are in the same boat as me. Time to stop the pity party an find something that works for me.

I saw this short video about “How Diets Really Cause Weight Gain.” Check it out here. It made a lot of sense. The video is not an ad. Just good, simple science. If you want to see a longer version, you might want to go here. Both I thought were pretty awesome and helped me reach the conclusion I can really lose weight.

Really, I may have found a diet that may work for ounce – the #CoreUndiet. They even offer free samples!

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  1. Kevin D. Coahran January 13, 2015 at 1:24 pm - Reply

    My opinion on weight loss is if you are happy and the one you are with is happy with you who cares what others think now on the other hand if it is causing a health risk then you should take it serious but other than that just be happy in the skin your in.

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