Green Cleaner Review: Method Squirt & Mop Cleaner

Posted on Jun 2 2012 - 12:01am by Susan Bewley

When we went looking for an apartment in the northeast for my husband's contracting job, I was determined I wanted something that felt like a home away from home.  When we found our apartment, I immediately fell in love with the beautiful wood floors throughout the barn apartment.  While I love my house, it was always a dream of ours to eventually have wood floors throughout our home.

Method Squirt & Mop Cleaner

The one thing no one told me about wood, however, is how hard it is to find a wood cleaner that actually works! Even though I have been using Method's Anti-Bacterial Cleaner and Method's All Purpose Home Cleaner for some time, I had never considered looking to the Method brand for a floor cleaner.  After using this wood cleaner for quite some time, I can say Method's Wood Cleaner is without a doubt the best wood cleaner on the market.

Like many other Method brand cleaners, Method's Squirt and Mop Wood Cleaner is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic, making it safe for humans and animals alike.  It also has a non-wax formula, making it not as slippery as other cleaners (sorry kids) and does not leave those nasty streaks that I have found are common with most wood floor cleaners on the market.

Method Squirt & Mop Cleaner: Effectiveness

Before moving to this apartment, I had almost no experience with cleaning wood floors. With the open design of our apartment, I was learning very quickly that keeping these wood floors clean was going to be a chore.  After a long talk with my mother, I went off to the store to find a wood floor cleaner.

The first product I tried was Orange Glo, which was absolutely horrible! It left a terrible film all over our floors and filled our apartment with the most terrible, artificial smell! Needless to say, I was scrubbing the floors by hand with water trying to get that nasty film off the floor.  After this, I swore to my husband we were moving and I wanted nothing to do with wood floors. How could something so beautiful be such a pain? 

Being the logical man Daniel is, he calmed me down and went online to see if we could find a different cleaner. After searching for a bit, I found that Method had their own line of wood cleaners, including a wood floor cleaner! Since I was already using some Method cleaners, I immediately purchased a bottle of Method's Squirt and Mop Wood Cleaner. I will admit, Daniel wasn't too keen on this at first, since he wasn't exactly sold on natural cleaners just yet.  The rule in our household is that any green cleaner has to clean as well as the non-natural equivalent.

In all honesty, this wood cleaner is likely the reason my husband has started cutting some natural, green products some slack.  Not only did it clean the floors, but got rid of the remainder of that nasty film that Orange Glo left all over the hardwood.  This Method floor cleaner easily removed the dirt and streaks on the floor and left a beautiful shine, reminding us just how beautiful wood could look when it is properly cleaned! I have even found that Method's Squirt and Mop Wood Cleaner is excellent at getting up nasty, gummy stains from the kitchen floor, something most other cleaners just can't handle.  

Method Squirt & Mop Cleaner: Smell

As a general rule of thumb, most of Method's home cleaners smell amazing. Most smell like fruits or other natural herb combinations, giving a nice green and airy smell to your entire house.  What was really different about Method's Squirt and Mop Wood Cleaner was the fact that it smelled like almonds.  Unlike other almond scents, however, this smell isn't overpowering and smells better than most room deodorizers.  I have to admit, I have cleaned the floors more than once just to get rid of terrible smells in our apartment.  The almond scent of this Method home cleaner is really one of those pick me up scents that leave you feeling great and won't give you a headache!

Method Squirt & Mop Cleaner: Price

Compared to most other floor cleaners on the market, I thought Method's Squirt and Mop Wood Cleaner was actually fairly cheap.  In the past, I purchased this cleaner from, but their prices have drastically increased and I have not been a fan of how they have been changing their policies.  I am now purchasing this cleaner in bulk from for about $8 to $8.50 a bottle, including shipping. Sometimes, depending on their sellers, you can get it even cheaper.

Method Squirt & Mop Cleaner: Overall

Overall, I would give Method's Squirt and Mop Wood Cleaner an A+ rating.  There really isn't anything I would want to change about this Method product.  If you want a wood cleaner that is non-toxic, leaves your floor sparkling clean, and smells great – I highly recommend trying out this cleaner.


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  1. Malia September 14, 2012 at 8:20 pm - Reply

    I need a good floor cleaner for my floors!

  2. Sarah November 16, 2012 at 10:35 pm - Reply

    I''m trying to track down the lemon-ginger version.  But for those who like the almond, I found it at Target for $4.99!

    • Susan Bewley November 16, 2012 at 11:47 pm - Reply

      Awesome deal! I saw the lemon-ginger one on Amazon and at Kroger.

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